The 2013 season has drawn to a close… Thank You to everyone who stopped by to see us in 2013. We’re closed until February 1, 2014, as we get ready for the new season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Cheers from Bob and Karen!


Tasting Room Notes:

Chardonnay – Classic stainless steel Chardonnay nose of bright citrus blending with hints of lemongrass.  Crystal clear flavors accentuated by Granny Smith apple and pink grapefruit.  Clean finish with a soft, pleasant acidity.

Rose – Merlot and Cabernet Franc based with a delicate light salmon hue.  Big notes of citrus and apple on the nose, with a silk, supple grapefruit and citrus finish.  A nice dry summer wine, best served well chilled.

2010 Red Blend – Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blend.  Fragrant aromas of black cherry and mocha, with subtle interlaced textures of ripe dried fruit finishing on a pleasant delicate oaky note.  A slight chill will increase the fruitiness of this wine, making a great summer picnic wine.  Also can be used as a perfect base for Sangria.

Moscato – A balanced mix of floral and fruit, accents of orange and peach blossom, laced with rose petals and honey.  The lightly sweet taste balances perfect with a clean citrus finish, making it perfect for drinking anytime.

Blackberry – “True to the fruit” fermentation. Hugh aromas of sweet blackberry,  mocha and chocolate. A yummy sweetart-like candy finish that lingers.  Best served slightly chilled.